Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mason and Macy: Splashing Buddies!

Macy is in the process of being weaned to one nap a day. She spent last week sleeping 9 am-11 or 11:30am and then wouldn't sleep at all in the afternoon. After days of battling this, and realizing at least on Sundays she doesn't get to nap until 11 am at the earliest and survives, it's time for one nap a day that doesn't start before 11 am every day of the week!

Today was the best so far. She slept in, we spent the morning doing chores at home, then hit Albertons during her usual nap time so she was distracted and happy, came home, got her blankie out of the dryer and she went down for a 2 and a half hour nap like a perfect little girl! When she got up, it was off to the McConkeys for a MUCH overdue playtime with her friend Mason!!!!!!

It wasn't super hot out, but after these two soaked each other in their clothes, we decked them out in swimming gear so they could splash away. I've never put those swimmer diapers on Macy before today. We had to borrow one!

Macy got this swimsuit from her wonderful babysitter Anna. I laugh every time I see it! SO darling!
These two play so good together. Mason is very patient and fun and loves to have a buddy around. He says "Macy" perfectly and she gets a kick out of being around him. :)
Our little goof balls. :)

Macy has been doing this to my parent's dog, Brodie a lot lately. I thought it was funny Mason does it to his dog Hurley too.

Just to show how little our "babies" still are. Or how HUGE Hurley is. :)

Macy had a blast playing today- thanks for the super fun time and the pooped out little girl who barely made it through her bath tonight awake! :)

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