Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy 5 Year Anniversary Baby!

Today I woke up as usual, fed Macy breakfast, snuggled her during Elmo's World (which we have set on our DVR since she is CRAZY for Elmo, seriously has a crush on that poor fuzzy creature), and played with her downstairs while Gabe slept in. He was going to go work overtime today I thought, but had talked about staying home today and maybe taking Macy to the park so I could have some "me" time this morning.

I was eying the clock lowering my expectations since he wasn't ready before 9:30 AM and Macy naps at 11 AM. He asked me if she was ready to go, and they headed to the park.

I did a little Christmas looking online for about 5 minutes before deciding to spend my time a little more wisely and got my rear on the treadmill. It was DELIGHTFUL being alone, watching one of my shows, walking. My back has been acting up the last couple days and walking seems to be the one thing that really helps. I finished my walk, was just taking out the vacuum cleaner to finish the house cleaning I started yesterday and Gabe walked in. I thought, well, time's up but maybe I can get something done during nap time. He asked if I would get Macy out of the car since she was almost asleep so I go out to get her and...the car is empty. I about had a heart attack before remembering she can't get herself out of her car-seat. I met Gabe at the door and said, "Where is our baby?!?!" And he replied, "You're OFF until tomorrow. She's staying with your Mom and Katie overnight, Happy Anniversary! You can do anything you want today, we have dinner reservations at 5:45 PM at the Hearthfire Grill in Bellingham and we don't have to get Macy until tomorrow after you've slept in."

I didn't know what to do with myself!!!! I have NEVER been surprised with that kind of alone time since she has been born. I did go to ID to see my girlfriend, and have gotten get-aways with Gabe, but never been home, and able to do anything I want for an entire day and night. It was the thrill of a lifetime! I wanted to shout, (In a true William Wallace fashion), "FREEDOM!"

I started with asking Gabe to watch the last two episodes of "The Deadliest Catch" with me, which we've been meaning to do for over a week. We then divided and conquered, Gabe going to get estimates for new tires on the CRV and I got to vacuum my ENTIRE house, corners, stairs, rugs, closets, ALL of it. Now, most of you probably think this is not a fun thing to do. For me? Alone? Best day ever. I haven't had my house this clean since Macy has been born! Yesterday I had all kinds of energy and cleaned until I couldn't stand it any more and then today put in another 3+ hours and wowza am I feeling good!!! I then showered, and headed off to do about 6 errands that would have taken me a week to accomplish with Macy. What a treat. Gabe and I just got back from eating a delicious dinner and it is 8 PM. I have no bath to give, no milk to warm, no dishes to do, no laundry to fold.

What I love the most about today is that Gabe said he really thought about what I would want for an anniversary present this year. He knows what a special thing it is for me to have days to re-charge and do things I want to do rather than things I need to do. I SO appreciate his thoughtfulness and this break! I love that man of mine. For his thoughtfulness, company, friendship, loyalty, laughter, partnership, hard-working nature, and his kindness. Until death do us part. :)

Our real anniversary is tomorrow...can't believe it's been 5 years!

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  1. I can't believe it's been 5 years either!!!! Happy Married Day to you both! What a guy - giving you the one thing that is PRICELESS - time! So glad you had a fantastic day, and a remarkable husband. Gabe - you rock!