Saturday, July 30, 2011

A random day of fun!

Pioneer Days were going on in Ferndale and although Gabe was working, he told me I should bring Macy since he remembers them being really fun as a kid. We went, and were a little too ambitious (got there around 9:30 and it didn't even begin until 10:30) so we spent the morning checking out a "new" park! Macy is CRAZY for the park. She wakes up some days and says, "Walk? Wee? (meaning slide)." We have two kid's areas in our development super close to our house and Macy loves to play there. This was a random park in Ferndale and Macy had a great time figuring out all the new things.

It took her about 7 tries to get over this bridge crawling before she figured out she could walk across it just fine! The funny part was, several older boys were there and when they watched her crawl across, they all crawled across!

It was warming up by 10:30 and Macy was winding down for a nap so we went to Mom and Dad's since it was closer to Ferndale and I had my heart set on bringing Macy to Hovander Park later that day. When she woke up Mom and Katie said they wanted to come too, so we all headed to see what we could see at the park.

The highlight for Macy was the goats for sure. I think she is going to go crazy at the fair this summer! She kept saying, "Goat!" They were friendly little guys, too, and came right over to her.

Macy loves to "smell" flowers right now. She breathes out through her nose, but thinks she is smelling them. It's pretty cute! Look at her dainty hand. She loved this dahlia garden.

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