Sunday, November 14, 2010

Grandpa Boyd at the Senior Center

This week my Grandpa Boyd, who will turn 88 in January told his story at the Senior Center in Lynden. Grandpa was in the Navy during World War II and while serving on the USS Tennessee, his ship was attacked by Kamikaze Planes. They shot 7 of them down, but 1 plane dropped a bomb on the ship before veering overboard and landing in the water. Part of the bomb hit my Grandpa, mostly in his leg, leaving shrapnel in there.

He did a GREAT job sharing his experience, I'm thrilled we have it on video. I only wish he had a part 2 follow up where we could ask questions! I think I'm going to video him doing that soon. It's a fascinating story and gives a glimpse into why he thinks and acts the way he does. Life experience is everything, huh?

He had put a ton of planning into this talk, and brought all kinds of memorabilia.
Part of my family came to support him and listen. My Uncle Pat, Aunt Lisa and their daughter, Tara, my Dad (Mom, Katie, Heidi and Sharon with in Houston), my Uncle Fred and Aunt Ginnie and my Grammy. Before lunch, everyone who had served in the military went up front and introduced themselves. Can you believe Pat, Ginnie, Fred and Grandpa all served? Wow.
Our family! (Part of it... :)
Top row: Lisa, me, Tara,
Bottom row: Grandpa, Gram, Ginnie, Fred, Pat

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