Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 18, 2010, Happy Birthday Gabe!

November 18th is my husband's birthday! He turned 37 this year, and to celebrate ALL their birthdays, Dad, Gabe and Bryce (along with Gabe's friend Rory) went to the Huskies game. Bryce flew in for it, and we picked him up from the airport.

It took Macy a while to "remember" her Uncle...it had been a couple months since she'd seen him! Mom came through with some very fun presents, Gabe's favorite being this new W sweatshirt! Perfect!

I love how each guy took a turn holding their mascot and cheerleader. :) So sweet.

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  1. Great pics! How fun! Did you have a W cheerleading outfit on too!! :-) Your family is so good at "doing" fun!