Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What Macy has been up to...

Macy and I went with my family to visit Grammy one morning last week and Dad had this idea to keep Macy's ears warm. :)
Macy and Uncle Bryce.
Thrill of a lifetime...? Muli-grain Cheerios! Here's to mixin' it up!
Scored some REAL cowgirl boots to go with this latest "Heather Outfit" at North Gate Mall at the INCREDIBLE Gymboree store there. Almost worth the drive for those sales and variety, let me tell you! When we saw Grammy this day we came in singing, "These boots were made for walkin'...and that's just what they'll do..." :)
Although I SCORED this carseat from a friend at a garage sale, it isn't good until 30 lbs, which Macy is still far from. It was sooo cold this day that the coat I had her in (see below) would barely fit being buckled into her baby seat. It was time for an upgrade so off to Target we went!
She couldn't even crawl in this outfit she was so bundled up. I was laughing and laughing. :)

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