Sunday, November 14, 2010


I am THRILLED Katie is home. Sure, it's for 4 days, but I've missed her like crazy! Katie's actually the one that got my rear in gear to start blogging again, have you noticed the 14 day hiatus? :)

I have been coupon-ing, actually, and trying to stay positive while Gabe has worked 47 nights in a row, besides 3 mandatory nights off where he basically slept for 18 hours. It has been rough, people. Definitely the longest haul since he started at Tesoro 5 years ago, but hard because we have Macy now and every day seems to be a milestone and although he wouldn't rather be anywhere but here with us, he has to work to provide for our family and allow me to stay home with Macy. Tonight is his last night, then four off, then four nights and back on schedule and I am sooo thankful!

Bless my sister. She is babysitting Wednesday night so Gabe and I can go out on a real date! I am thrilled! Anyway, back to our mini photo op today. I just put them all in so Katie can tell me her favorite. :)
Katie got this on the first try! She is SO good behind a camera. :) Oh yes, I forgot to mention Heather came, as usual, bearing gifts. 4 coats and an outfit mind you. This is one of them! She really is a Fairy Godmother. I think that's what I'm going to teach Macy to call her. Ha!
Some important girls in my Dad's life. Good job Dad!!!!


  1. I love #2, and what a darling picture at the end. It's a "framer!"

  2. I spotted Macy's rediculously adorable boots at the Thanksgiving banquet and definitely need to know where they came from!!