Sunday, November 14, 2010

How could you not love this Fairy Godmother?

Yesterday we spent with Heather at the Burton's house and Macy had a BALL. Steve, Vicki and Heather let Macy play with everything and they think it's so funny that she is so curious.
Vicki even hauled out a box so she could have her own "fort." :)
She loved crawling under the bar chairs!
It was like playing obstacle course all day!
Then, things got quiet, I looked over and saw Heather "showing" Macy the fish, and before I knew it, Macy was FISHING for the fish. Arms in... and she almost got one!

Heather thought it was the funniest thing ever. Macy would lunge for the tank and thrust both arms in as fast as she could and her little fingers were grabbing for fish. I probably should have videoed it just to hear Heather laughing so hard. It was awesome.

Next, Vicki showed Macy her baking cupboard...

That was a hit for sure!

They had the neighbors over for dinner, which was delicious and I couldn't get over how old these boys are now. I babysat for Colton and Carson when they were TINY and now Colton is a Senior in high school and Carson a Sophomore. Unreal!

I made them pose to show everyone how grown up and handsome they have turned out. :) Thanks, boys!

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