Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Church Baby Shower!

The Baby Shower our church, Christ Fellowship threw for Macy and I was lovely! Tanya Silves and Kristy Wind organized it, and I was so touched by all the people that came to shower love and blessings on Macy and I! My Mom and I went together and she was so helpful to me, basically parenting the whole time so I could chat with all the ladies there and participate 100%! My Mom is the BEST!

Katie Stauffer brought the funniest game I have ever played at a shower. It was Memory, with words like: Umbilical Cord, Conception, Epidural, Twins, International Sperm, Pelvic Exam, etc. You know... The usual. :) The usual for KATIE that is!!! There were some kids there, and we got to laughing so hard, since each match had a prize... Umbilical Cord: Twizlers, Conception: Score Bar, Twins: Mike & Ikes, International Sperm: Swedish Fish, Pelvic Exam: Butterfinger. It was AWESOME. I laughed so hard since I was sitting by Katie's mom, who, on every match would go, Katie, No! It was so funny, I loved it.
Tanya did the devotional for us, and it was wonderful. I'm going to post the verses she shared on another day since they are currently taped to my fridge. She is so inspirational, and such a genuine and sincere friend. I wish I knew her better! I know her pretty well, though, since she has an amazing blog that I follow :) She is another reason I started one! The picture above is Marla TenKley, a wonderful friend with 3 amazing children that Gabe and I adore. Lulu, her youngest, was in my Sunday School class when she was 4 years old and she called me her "Big Person" when her brother and sister wanted to invite their teachers over for dinner she asked if her Big Person could come too. I LOVE those TenKley kids and their parents!!!! Bev McKissick is sitting next to Marla, and Bev prayed a blessing at the end of the devotional for Macy and I that made me cry. She is battling cancer right now, and still manages to encourage and inspire those around her while praising the Lord. She is amazing, and I love her.

Macy got three swimsuits!!!!

The cheering section. These girls, no matter what it was, would ohh and aww and say, "SOOOOO CUTE"! That's Lulu (Olivia TenKley) on the left, this was the first baby shower she had ever been to!!!!
Judy kissing me, she hosted the party and shared her gorgeous house with all of us- what a gracious lady! Love her!
Angela Strotz wrote all the gifts down. This girl is awesome! I was able to spend some time with her the other night at a Scrapbook Party and want to know her better! You'll see her gift below, it blew me away!!!
Judy and Karen, admiring Angela's gift on the guest of honor! Karen (and Katie) designed and DID our nursery and then bought Macy the most darling gift- I'll post a pic's going to be next year's Easter dress- soooo beautiful.
One of my favorite things, from Karen King, a wonderful woman that has prayed for Macy and I for literally months...
This cracked me up. It's from Debbie Hardinger, our senior pastor's wife and it's for Macy to never go into debt. :) It has some pennies in it already!
Angela MADE these booties. Girl, you need to go into business!!!!! Macy is wearing the red ones today and rocking them.
Thank you to everyone who came and for all your thoughtful and darling gifts!! I had a blast!


  1. Such a fun night and Lulu is still talking about it!

  2. I LOVE those booties Angela darling...I'm bummed I missed your shower :( but we'll do coffee!