Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dad with Macy- from a couple weeks ago. I have to say, it is delightful to watch him turn to mush whenever Macy is near! My Dad isn't so much on gifts- not that he's not generous, he just doesn't think about it! So, you have to understand how amazed and delighted I was on Valentine's Day when Dad gave me a wrapped gift and announced it was a Valentine for Macy. :) I opened it, and here's what was inside...

Pretty much the cutest thing ever! Stay tuned for more "cutest things"... I have a Baby Shower tonight thrown by my church gals, the greatest ever! Can't hardly wait!


  1. She looks pretty safe there in G'pas arms....and it's not that he doesn't "think" about gifts - he's just dutch, it's not in thier blood! Trust me - I'm married to one! Way to melt your daddy's heart Molly!

  2. Seriously- Dad looks like a monster! so sweet...