Friday, February 26, 2010

Macy's Men!

Obviously the most important man in Macy's life is her Dad!!!! This was a couple weeks ago, at Boulavard Park, where Gabe showed Macy & I where a family of racoons live! We went for a walk and coffee and had a chance for Gabe to test out the new AWESOME stroller!
Here is my Uncle Craig Hougan. He is a wonderful man who I love very much! Craig was in Wenatchee right after Macy was born, and this was the first time he met and held her- precious!
My Cousin KC Hougan, in town today to help his Dad, Craig at Hi Hoe Nursery- *which opens March 1 in case anyone was wondering!* KC has been a huge help to Heidi (his Sister, my Cousin) with Luke and the triplets Annie, Abbie and Ellie this year. Macy adored KC and smiled and stared at him the whole time he held her!
Here's Heather's Dad, Steve Burton, cuddling Macy out at Mexican food last night! Can you say, "Bonded"? It cracks me up how much joy she brings to everyone she is around! I think she's a healer in a way, and brightens up any room every time she enters. I love babies, but have to think this particular girl is something really special. We love you Steve!

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  1. Of course she's really something special - so is her mom! I'm thinking Macy is looking comfortable with men - watch out!!