Thursday, February 25, 2010

Macy meets Heather!

This is my best friend Heather holding Macy yesterday! Heather & I grew up as next door neighbors and have always been close. Then, since I moved to CA in 2000, we have never lived near each other. We literally passed in U-Hauls on the freeway when I moved back home to WA and she has since worked in California, Chicago, San Francisco and now just moved to Idaho with her fiancé, Rich! Heather is an incredible person. Very, very smart and business savvy, and also incredibly beautiful. She flew in to meet Macy, and bring the rest of her stuff to Idaho and it's becoming real that we'll probably never be next door neighbors again. (sob) Good news? She is always game to meet me, anywhere, anytime! (We went to Houston together last February to see Katie onstage and had an awesome time). We always marvel that we're almost 29 and how we still feel young! It's wonderful to have her here during this time in my life. Heath- you're the best!
Heather is a wonderful friend who I know will always be there for me. Of course, Macy loved her from the start.
*Oh, and check out the blanket, my new favorite, thanks to Tanya Silves, Super Mom!


  1. Nothing beats a good friend, except one that you've had for life!!! Glad to see you love the blankie!

  2. Good ol' friends are the best! I have friends I've known longer than my hubby - and that's been 24 years!!!!♥