Monday, February 22, 2010

This was yesterday, before we left for Mimi's house. This outfit is DARLING, from my friend Tanya Schieb and she wore it to church, too. The bow was hysterical. Mom went a little nuts for hair accessories and I love them all and try to switch it up all the time depending on where we go. I think she likes to dress up! Good thing... :)
Macy Skyping Auntie Kate, in Prague, Czech Republic! She's coming home in only 4 more weeks! We miss her like crazy! This picture cracks me up since you can actually SEE Katie! Gotta love modern technology!
Happy Valentine's Day! Gabe was working, so we went to church alone...this dress is precious, and from Macy's Auntie Kate.
We're calling my Mom "Mimi" instead of Grandma- this name morphed from Grammy, which is what we call my Mom's Mom who is now "GG" for Macy. Complicated, yes, but also sweet and personal. This is my Gram, Macy's GG holding her and my Mom, Mimi, making her smile for the first time on camera!!!! Yeah!
Ok, trying to figure this blogging thing out! This is a continuation...


  1. She's just about the sweetest pea I've ever seen! What a petite little dolly, LOVIN' the blogging!

  2. I love Macy and I's first international pic together. She looks a little bewildered by it all... a little over two weeks left!