Friday, February 26, 2010

Some of Macy's friends...

I have several friends who had babies between November '09 and Jan '10...
This is Kristopher! Kristopher is the grandson of a great friend of mine named Melissa who is Gabe's age! We laughed all summer about how she is a Grandma for the first time and Gabe is a Dad for the first time, both at 36 years old. So funny! Kris is a darling little boy! So glad to have his Mom, Amanda close by for awhile. :)
Here's Holly and her baby girl, Harper Dae DiLorenzo! Harper was born 3 weeks after Macy!!! Holly and her husband, Brandon didn't peek to see what they were having and I was thrilled when I heard it was a girl!!! A friend for Macy! Holly was my best friend in high school. She used to introduce us, "Hi, I'm Holly, this is Molly, best friends, no relation." Holls is the best! Can't wait to do this "Mommy" thing with you!

This is my wonderful friend Jamie and her darling son, Mason Micah McConkey, born 6 weeks ahead of Macy and her first friend!!!! Jamie was born one day before me and we have known each other and been friends our whole lives. She was the one to remind me for years how old WE were getting and that we needed to get going on the baby thing! Ha! So fun to experience pregnancy and now, motherhood with our first babies! I love you Mason and Jamie! (Jamie jokes that Macy McConkey has a nice ring to it. . .) :)

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