Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Baby Shower

My Mom is part of a group called "The Praying Moms" that pray for their families and kids throughout the month. They support each other, and throw baby showers and bridal showers when one of their kids gets married or has their first baby. It is a very special group of women, and an honor to be invited to one of their showers. :) Mom hosted a Praying Moms Baby Shower Sunday and Macy and I got to come! I helped finish up these darling cupcakes! Do you see what they are supposed to be?
My Mom does such a great job making a shower look so pretty.

Katie helped majorly with these cupcakes. I always tell people if her voice ever goes, don't worry, she can totally make a living decorating cupcakes and arranging flowers. Katie definitely got all the artistic genes in the family, that's for sure!
Macy will not be attending another shower for a very long time. It was an experiment gone wrong, let me tell you! I thought it would be neat for the ladies to see the girl they've been praying for, (which was great) but Macy thought they were all there JUST for her. Not sure if it's too early to start teaching the lesson, "Life isn't all about you, Macy." :)

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