Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm getting sick of cleaning.

I've been blogging so much lately for my parents. They went to Mexico last week with some friends and I knew if I didn't write down what we did every day I would forget! Sure enough, we went over to visit Macy's Grandpa and Grammy today and I couldn't think of one thing we'd done since they left! Ha! I'm losing it!

I am a person who cleans for fun. If you don't know me well, you may be surprised to hear when I was young I would clean out my friend's closets. I still do, actually, only now they appreciate it! I've cleaned as a job before, I clean when I'm stressed out or feel like life is out of control, I have no problem cleaning at all. Until lately. I feel like all I do anymore is clean up Macy, clean up after Macy, clean Macy's laundry, put away her laundry, clean up the toy room, just...clean! That high chair is the bane of my existence! How is it possible that thing can always be dirty!?!?

I am REALLY looking forward to Monday, AKA Katie and Molly Day that I plan on eating, drinking coffee and shopping my way through. Katie is gearing up to be gone until late June and leaves Thursday. I can't wait to spend quality time with my sister and away from my Mommy duties! Hopefully it will put into perspective that scrubbing down a baby and high chair about 6 times a day isn't a bad way to spend your time! :) I KNOW it will be good for my sanity!!!!


  1. She leaves this next week already? Wow the days are going by fast.

    Enjoy your sister day and day off from your mommy duties. All mommies need days like these...good for you!

  2. I invite you to our house, with your high chair, the first nice spring day we have. Can you say "PRESSURE WASHER!?!"