Monday, February 14, 2011

My Dad is back home!

My Dad has been traveling a lot lately. First Kentucky for a week of his doctorate study program, then home for a few days and off to Indiana with a group from church for NANC certification! Macy has been sick recently with a cold/cough and we stayed home from church so she could have normal naps yesterday. We went over to Dad and Mom's in the afternoon so she could reconnect with her Grandpa :) and he had bought her an early Valentine's Day present. Another purse! This time, there was $FIVE DOLLARS$ in it! I said, "Wow for inflation, last year it was $1!" :)
Dad pretty much played with Macy the whole day. When he wasn't, Auntie Kate or my Mom were. No wonder she sleeps so good on Sunday nights! This day Macy found her Auntie Kate's boots and would cry if she couldn't hold them or wear them. She was so proud "walking" around in these babies...they were as big as she was!

I don't think this has ever happened. This little girl doesn't EVER lay down next to you! She obviously wasn't 100% to do this, and it lasted less than a minute, but it was so cute!

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  1. Maybe Macy doesn't lay on the couch very often and watch tv - but your dad looked very "at home" in that position! Macy is blessed to have awesome grandparents and aunt katie!!