Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

I cleaned for my Grandpa this morning and dropped Macy off at Anna's house. She LOVES to play there. Between the piano, bird, dog, fish Anna and Micaela it's pretty much baby heaven. When I picked her up today she was rocking out to the piano, on Anna's lap trying to climb it. :) I am so thankful for such a wonderful babysitter. Later today Macy walked over to a picture we have of the Pimeno girls and pointed to Anna. I said, "Say Anna." And Macy goes, "Anna." Clear as a bell. WOW.

After that, we headed to see Auntie Kate and play for awhile. Macy got lunch and a nap and Katie and I got lots done. I organized coupons and vacuumed out and detailed my car. I told Gabe yesterday that I wanted to clean all of our vehicles and gave myself 11 days to get it done. Ha! One down!
Katie and I were looking for something downstairs and came across this OLD train that Katie thought Macy would be into now. She got up from her nap and wouldn't even drink her bottle, instead, bee-lined for the train and climbed on herself. This is another new thing she is doing- getting onto and off of toys. It's so weird to watch our baby grow into a toddler. She's walking, climbing, pulling, dragging. It's crazy!

Katie had these 3 lb weights out and her yoga mat and Macy was very into them. It was all she could do to lift one of these babies and haul it across the room, but she managed! All the weight lifting must be helping because FINALLY, today, at almost 14 months, Macy started saying please in sign language. All it is is patting her chest, but she WOULD NOT do it before today on command! Tonight, for teddy grahams I got "please" signed at least 12 times. Let's see if it sticks tomorrow!
New favorite pic of Macy with her Auntie Kate. This was in the middle of a train ride marathon that ended up being about 6 times around the island. :) We love you Auntie Kate!

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  1. I bet Katie ( and Macy) slept well that night!