Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

Gabe starts working nights tonight so while he slept in this morning, Macy and I went and picked up our tax return and played at home after that. We took the Jeep in to the shop when Gabe woke up since the check engine light came on a couple days ago.

Macy enjoys her Daddy SO much. They are buddies and she follows him everywhere he goes. First thing in the morning she looks at me and says, "Dad!?" I have to explain where he is all the time to that girl. :)
Macy had a major melt-down today after her nap. She was inconsolable and freaked OUT when she woke up. She continued the screaming and crying beyond the Tylonel I gave her, playing, reading books...I finally took her for a car ride to Little Ceasors and the 7-11 for milk and that seemed to cheer her up. I think more teeth are coming, which is a bummer since I tweeked my back really bad around the time Macy woke up from her nap and was dying trying to make her happy and stretch... Ug.

I took these pics after she climbed up the stairs for her bath. Bathtime did not help my back as she thinks it's funny to swim away from me when it's time to get her out of the tub and that reaching/lifting thing sent me to my knees!

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  1. Oh Molly! Take care of yourself and lay low... if you need anything don't hesitate to call!