Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Macy has made a very good friend at church. We call him Mr. Red. Red and Macy bonded when Macy was very young, at church, when he put his finger out to her and she grabbed onto it. Red is a very nice older man (near 80, I think) whose wife passed away last week and I've been thinking about him ever since I heard. Today, Red was there when we walked in the door and lit up when he saw Macy. She held her arms out to him and he gave her a huge smile, held her close and she laid her head on his shoulder and patted him. It made me tear up! He said, "Thank you little one." :')

I am so thankful for our little darling blessing who makes so many people feel special with her smiles and love.

After church, Grandma Van Kooten and Katie came over for lunch! It was fun to have an all girls day and play with Macy in her own house. I kept trying to take the perfect picture of these three girls but Macy wasn't having it. She is crazy for her Great-Grandma, especially patting her hair and trying to rip her glasses off. :)

Grandma was enjoying a cookie and Macy saw where she got one and helped herself. Then shared of course!
Some for me...
And some for you...!
This is the BEST invention of our time, folks! My sister discovered this gem, called the Swifter for Dusting or something and told me I had to get one. After using it on the dashboard of my car and LOVING it, and since I found a coupon (thanks Jamie!) for a buy one, get refills for free, I splurged yesterday at Rite Aid and now it's my favorite thing. It extends, bends, is made of microfiber- the dust clings to the pad, which you just throw out! I was going around my house all day dusting since the sun was out and I could see how filthy everything looked! Treat yourself this spring and you won't be sorry!

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