Saturday, March 26, 2011

A few days ago Mason came over to play, and Jamie brought play dough along that her husband had made. I was eyeing it thinking how fun that would be to break out, then looked around and realized we didn't have one suitable spot for two kiddos to make a big mess on a table their size. And although I'm a relatively new mom and will allow almost anything for a photo op, I drew the line letting them ruin our wood floor. :)

After Mason and Jamie left, I remembered a FAVORITE thing of my parent's from my childhood...this play table and two chairs that we used every day until we couldn't fit our legs under it anymore. I remembered seeing it in my parent's basement recently and went over and asked if we could have it to use for awhile. SCORE! Dad had this table made, with the instructions being, "Make it indestructible." Sure enough, 30+ years later and countless kids climbing it, painting it, pounding it, and it still lives for another generation!

Macy thinks she is hot stuff when I sit her here for any reason. She enjoys drumming with teaspoons while I make her food, organizing her shoes in a row, and all through the day comes back to a little cheerio pile I keep on there. It works great! Can't wait for another try at play dough with a friend, we now have the perfect set up and it didn't cost a thing!
It cracks me up how every couple days Macy discovers something new and it becomes her favorite thing. Lately, it's been turning anything that is a circular or oval shaped into a bracelet. She figures out how to put them on and then comes to find me and does a dance because she is so excited!

Our friends Tyler, Mandy and Carly came over for a visit today! It was very fun, and I was so impressed with how sweet Carly is with Macy. She's 4, and Macy thought Carly was the smartest girl alive. This was during snack-time when Macy got to be a big girl and share the chair with Carly. :) (Mandy is holding her on with her leg). Macy barely moved, she knew this was a special treat!

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