Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Auntie Kate!

We had Katie's Birthday Party Celebration tonight! It was my kind of party. Little Caesar's Pizza, Crazy Bread, a delicious home-made caesar salad and chocolate cake and ice cream for dessert! Katie picked the menu (except the cake which Mom surprised her with) and I loved it. Easy, yummy and a quick clean up! Katie also voted to have it at my house (for once, hooray!) so Macy could be comfortable and go to bed when she needed to.
Remember this time last year? I just looked up this picture and couldn't believe how Macy has changed.
It's interesting what difference a year makes. In the picture above, we were laughing so hard because my Grammy had picked out a Hannah Montana card to give to Katie. She kept saying, "It's the only one that held money inside! What is so funny?" Katie couldn't stop laughing. Here she is, a renown opera singer who sings around the world for 1000's of people, is 31 years old and her Grammy gives her a Hannah Montana card. I'll never forget it. The best part was that after awhile Grammy started laughing too. That's just how she was. Not easily offended and loved to be part of things. She was such an awesome lady. Birthdays won't be the same without her.

This year, my Mom and Dad gave Katie a very special present. It was an opal ring from my Grammy that she said Katie would get when she died. Mom had it fixed (it was missing a stone) and cleaned and gave it to Katie and it is just beautiful. It fits her perfectly and is equal parts gorgeous and treasure. As pretty as that ring is, though, I'm sure that faced with the choice, Katie would much rather have another Disney character card and my Grammy's laughter ringing around our table. :)
Macy was clapping along with us singing Happy Birthday and then cheering for Katie. She thought she was hot stuff getting to be that close to fire!!!!
Since Macy's own birthday party was such a bust this year (she threw up before she even had the chance to have cake for the first time) Katie said we should have a do-over with her cake tonight! I would have predicted she go crazy for chocolate cake. She loves having bites of anyone's dessert...
Instead, she patted the cake, touched the sprinkles, mushed the frosting...
Katie finally put her hand in her mouth so she could taste it and figure out that this cake was food! I don't think I've ever let Macy get really dirty. She's never played in dirt or outside really, since she just started walking a couple weeks ago and I try to keep meals as mess-free as possible. I mean, spaghetti is a whole other story, but generally she is pretty clean. I think that was the highlight for Macy tonight. She really enjoyed making a huge mess without being stopped.
I think she ate 2 sprinkles and one smear of frosting in about 10 minutes. Where did the cake go you ask? Well, mostly in her crotch area, down her socks, ALL OVER the floor, highchair and her face and hair and pretty much everywhere else you can imagine except her mouth. About this point she started freaking out I think because she didn't want to be dirty anymore! Bless my mom. She scooped her up, stripped her down and put her in the bathtub while I cleaned the chair/floor/kitchen.

Katie leaves for Kansas City in about 5 hours. I'm going to miss her terribly. I shut the door after saying goodbye to her tonight and said to Gabe, "I miss her already." I do. She is the most fun, easygoing, hilarious friend. I adore her. Happy Birthday to the best sister a girl could ask for, we LOVE you Auntie Kate!

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