Sunday, March 13, 2011

Macy's got a tu-tu!

Last week Anna watched Macy for a couple hours and when I got home, she was wearing this ADORABLE outfit! Anna buys Macy treats/prizes/presents constantly and it warms my heart. This is a 13 year old girl, who thinks about others more than herself. It's an example I am thrilled Macy has in her life. Gabe and I marvel over Anna's generosity. We pay her to watch Macy, and she goes and buys her presents with the money! Sheesh! :) This last time Anna and her Mom showed up with Macy's first Starbucks! (I'm not kidding. They got her a whole milk.)

Anyway, I've been waiting for Sunday to arrive so I could dress her up in it and watch everyone's reaction. :)

I don't know what was going on here...I think Macy wanted to run around, not snuggle. :) Usually, her Great-Grandma is one of her favorite people.

We Skyped Katie in Florida after lunch! Macy is finally starting to get used to Skype, I think. She knows it's her Auntie Kate on the screen, but gets annoyed when we don't let her touch the screen! She stares a lot and every once in awhile waves. I think it brightens Katie's day and makes her feel closer to actually see us when we're talking.

Macy started to really get that it was Katie talking to her and when Katie asked for a drink of her sippy cup...
Macy shared! Hysterical! Katie would play along and "slurp" some water out and Macy thought she was really drinking her "water" (it wasn't full, she was just chewing on the top pretending to drink). Sooo funny.
Skyping today reminded me of this picture about this time a year ago... She was SO tiny!


  1. Wait until the Silves boys catch sight of that frilly thing! :-)

  2. of course she didn't want to cuddle with Great Gma - she wanted to strut her stuff in that adorable tutu!!