Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Guess who is coming to dinner?

Besides Bible Study today, we had some very important people coming for dinner. Macy tried to help clean and cook, but with one very short nap she was kind of a nightmare for the hours we needed to get ready.
After a failed attempt at a second nap, we did something we've never done until today- put on a movie just for her! Berenstein Bears go on Vacation or something. Auntie Kate gave it to Macy a looong time ago and today it came in very handy!!!
She got her second wind after 5 minutes of downtime and wanted to help me again, so we put on her apron and put her to work making rolls. :)
I look at this picture and cannot believe how alike these two look. Check out the profile!!!
Dinner was a success, and Macy had lots of fun showing off for her Great-Grandma Eunice, Great-Grandpa Arnold, and Great-Uncle Kevin.

Kevin is Gabe's Uncle, and is only 10 years older than Gabe. He is great with kids and hasn't seen Macy for several months. She really liked playing with him tonight...

Macy hand delivered everything Kevin is holding and was working on bringing him something else.
Shortly after this Macy went to bed and we got talking and telling stories. Kevin had me laughing so hard. Remember that movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding?" The crazy Aunt who talks about having a twin inside her that she absorbed in the womb and all they could find was hair and teeth? Kevin goes, "You guys know that is a real medical phenomenon, right?" Then told us as an ice breaker at a dinner one time he was talking about that part in the movie and the woman across from him said, "I had that." We could not stop laughing!!!!! What are the chances? :)

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