Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A playdate with the boys.

My friend Kara and her husband Matt and their two boys just moved! I really like their new location since it shaves about 10 minutes off the drive to their house! Macy and I headed over yesterday to play with Brooks, Mason, Hudson and Oliver. Peyton came later after preschool was done. I was looking at these little cuties thinking, "Where are the girls?" :)
I think these goldfish were originally for Brooks, (in the red) and the other kids came to him like vultures until he put the bowl down and shared! Hahaha!
Macy LOVES going new places. She does a little dance when I put her coat on like, "Where we going today, Mom?" This was a find at Kara's. She kept going to the fridge to play with this barn thing that played a song. She is such big stuff.
Kara went to get Peyton from school while I hung out with these two. They stood by this door and watched cars and trucks go by for a good 10 minutes. So funny! Can you believe Brooks is only 4 months older than Macy?

I taught Peyton how to take a picture when he got back. He took this! First try! Pretty good for a 3 year old! See the room behind us? Well, more than double that and add a semi-truck worth of toys and welcome to our new favorite place to play. The house they are in converted their garage into a toy room! It is HUGE! Stocked to the gills with stuff and plenty of room to play. We will be having a lot more playdates there soon I hope! Thanks for hosting, Kara!

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