Saturday, March 19, 2011

A night out with the girls!

Last night I laughed harder than I have in a really long time. I got to go out to dinner with some of my favorite people. From left: Me, Sjana, Jamie and Kara. We all grew up together in the same church, our parents were all in the same young married Sunday School and we are the same age, were the same grade, and are all now at the same stage in life. We are all married, and all of us have kids. Sjana has 3, Kara 2, Jamie and I have 1. Whenever we get together, it's usually with at least some of our kids (if not all) and we are always outnumbered! It's rare for us to get time together without interruptions, and when someone plans it, we try our best to make it work!

Last night we met at Kara's house and went together for Chinese food, then drove through DQ for blizzards and parked and talked and talked. It was good for the soul to have girl time like that and just howl laughing about kid stories, husband stories, life stuff. I drove home with the biggest smile. I love these girls!!!!
Meanwhile, my Dad babysat Macy! I got her set up with dinner and then Dad took over. They played, he gave her a bath, got her in PJs, gave her a bottle and put her to bed all by himself! I think this was a first without Mom. Macy had a ball!
This is Dad, having a serious talk with Macy that this will be her last bottle ever. I allowed her to "cheat" one last time for Dad, but she is officially only drinking from a sippy cup now! This is big news in our house. I thought if I had to clean that Dr. Brown bottle one more time, I might throw it out the window. Macy is doing great with her sippy cup, getting plenty to drink and I'm relieved for her to be DONE with bottles!

Thanks again, Grandpa, for your help making my night so FUN!

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  1. Happy Graduation day Macy!!! The sippy cup is the BIG TIME! I bet your serious talk from Grandpa was very serious - we tell our boys on Sunday mornings that if they are too loud in church, the man with the big voice will come yell at them! :-) DON'T tell your Dad that Molly!