Saturday, March 5, 2011

Macy FINALLY has pig tails!!!!

I have waited a long time for this day, folks! Macy and I went to Rite Aid this morning to get some weekly deals (and scored by the way) and I finally remembered to pick up some baby rubber bands and hair clips. We were on our way to mom's to meet Heidi and Abbie for a play date! I am really bad with hair. I have the hardest time doing little kid's hair, I am very insecure about it and have often wondered if God gave me a beautiful little girl so I have to learn the skill of doing hair. :)

I was SO PROUD of these piggies! I got them straight the first time, and did them completely by myself! Macy held still and didn't cry when I was putting them in, and even left them alone all day! We kept calling her Shrek, but she looked so cute!
Abbie was so excited to play with her cousin!!!! They are hilarious together, Abbie takes care of Macy, and kind of hovers over her and Macy does everything Abbie does! Such a fun friend.
Can you see those pig tails? :)
Macy was so excited she would just burst out dancing all morning!
Abbie taking Macy for a train ride...

Then Abbie, like the triplet she is, said, "My turn!"

Such darling girls!!!! Thanks for playing with us today Abber Dabbers, you're the BEST!


  1. I bet Macy sleeps well tonight, looks like Abbie wore her out! Darling hair!

  2. That hair is HYSTERICAL!!! I love that little Shrek-girl. =o)