Thursday, March 17, 2011

Playdate with The Harps

On our way to visit Holly and Harper the other day, I glanced in my rear-view mirror and saw that Macy had started to take her hat off and then just left it. She was laughing! It cracked me up. She looked Russian! I called her "My Babooshka" the rest of the morning.

I find it hilarious that whenever we go to a friend's house, Macy and I leave wishing we had different toys. :) If you've seen our house, we don't need a THING, there's just something about someone else's stuff, isn't there? Macy loved this Dora chair Harps had. She kept going over and sitting in it acting like a big girl. Harper's not real into sharing at this stage, though, and kept wanting whatever Macy had!
Macy found an empty box, took it and ran with it, until Harps saw her and realized that was her favorite toy. (Now!)
Holly inspired me to cut back a little and change up our living room. I chose 2 toys for the next couple days to stay downstairs, a couple to stay upstairs and a couple to move to a closet for awhile so they seem new again when I take them out. I was looking at this line-up and realized all of them make noise! Our living room seems so much quieter with them in their different spots!

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