Friday, March 4, 2011

Our trip to Bellvue

This picture is of my Mom's college roommate, Lisa Moller. They have been friends a looong time and have a very special relationship. Lisa doesn't have a very big family, and when she had each of her 4 children my Mom would go to Vancouver and take care of her for 5 days. (Clean her house, care for the baby, cook meals, take care of the older kids...) It became a tradition and I got to go when Nathan and James were born. I love that their friendship is based on care. Both of these women know how to show love to the other and their kids. I admire that.

So, today Mom, Macy and I packed up and went to meet a very special little baby. :) Lisa's oldest daughter Lindsay had a baby girl 5 weeks ago and they named her Lydia! The Moller's hadn't met Macy yet, either, so we decided to meet half-way and have lunch all together. It was the perfect trip. We left at Macy's nap time, she slept the whole way there and the whole way home. As a bonus, Mom took Macy home with her so Gabe and I could have date night tonight! (Dinner at Cedars in Ferndale and then we're going to see his cousin Gretta perform in Beauty and the Beast!)
Lindsay, Lisa, Lydia, Macy, Mom, Molly. :) 3 generations.

Look at Macy's face! Do you think she was having a good time or what? :)
James is Lisa's youngest and we love him. He is very smart, and funny and is entering college next year at barely 17 years old! Can't believe how grown up he is. Macy loved James today. She flirted with him all day and we got this smile the first try. :)

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  1. Oh that girl is so cute and silly! Love the shot of all six of you!