Monday, March 7, 2011

Off to the bank with Daddy.

I am having a very slow start today. Macy got up at 5:45 AM and I got her at 6 AM. Thank goodness Gabe is off this week! He's been great this morning, helping out with chores and odd jobs and playing with Macy. I was still in pajamas at 10 AM and he had a list of stuff to get at different places. Gabe mentioned that we still needed to set up a bank account for Macy and offered to do that with her today! What a special little Daddy and her outing!
She was just thrilled to hold this piggy bank. I never let her touch it and she always beelines to it in her room when she's on the loose!
I am sitting here blogging in a quiet house, (still in pajamas) listening to the washer and dryer work and really enjoying some alone time knowing Gabe and Macy are bonding alone together. I don't think Gabe knows how tired he will be after hitting the bank, Albertsons, and Costco with a 14 month old but I'm sure he'll have stories to tell me. Oops. Forgot to tell him to park near a cart-return. :)


  1. Ahhh - love seeing the bank is working! Can't tell you how much I enjoy keeping up with Macy via the blog. God bless you all. Love Deb (this may be a repeat - still learning how to post comments)

  2. Awww... go Daddy! He is going to need a NAP when he gets home! :-)

  3. I love the background and Macy holding her bank!! Thanks so much for blogging Moll, much appreciated. And I can't wait to hear Gabe's tale when he gets home.... xxx