Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dinner with Grandpa and Ta-ta!

Tonight we went to Chinese with Gary and Ellie (Gabe's Dad and Step-Mom). It was delicious! Macy was pretty good, and stayed awake the whole time! She is sleeping now, though, all the kicking and smiling tired her out!

I am so annoyed I didn't get a full body shot of Macy's outfit. It's from Ellie and I LOVE IT! The leggings are so darling, I have to get a picture of her wearing them!
Gabe is on his week off (which he worked overtime the first two days of) and yesterday and today babysat Macy while I did little get-aways or "me-times" as my friend calls them. Yesterday was a massage, today a pedicure! Both were lovely and it was good for me to get away and equally as good for Macy and her Daddy to have alone time together. He leaves for a mini guy trip tomorrow to Portland so Macy and I will be alone for the next couple days. I am all rested and relaxed and ready to get back to pampered-free life! Ha!

It's been super nice having Gabe around to talk to, help out around the house, beat at Yahtzee, watch Macy...just family stuff that we haven't been able to enjoy in months. I love that man! Funny how being a shift-worker's wife means learning how to adjust from complete independence to partial dependence every week. We are getting better at it, it's been almost 4 years!
How adorable is this hat my Mom brought by today??? Her super sweet and baby loving co-worker Mary Anne made it for Macy!!! I just love it, so cute and it fits perfect! Thank you Mary Anne!

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  1. That hat is cute, but that headband is DARLING...that alone makes me want to have a baby (I know NOT a good reason!) I just love those huge flowers on headbands, and on beautiful baby girls! Great pictures!