Friday, May 21, 2010

Macy's Room updated!

My favorite room in our house is Macy's nursery. It is darling, and so, so special because of all the people that helped get it so cute. (KAREN HOLT!) I've been collecting all these really sweet things, and haven't had the space to display them until I found this little shelf idea from my friend Holly, who has a white one in her daughter's room. It's perfect! A drawer for odds and ends, toys, and books!... The other shelves can be decorative for now, and eventually the whole thing can be a toy "box."

So I get this thing yesterday thinking, how hard can it be to put together?

I always forget that technology, building, visualizing, ... Those things are my kryptonite. I am good at a lot of stuff, but putting together random furniture of any kind is out of my realm of possibility.

Thank goodness my Dad is awesome and can figure anything out! (He's actually a lot like me in the visual learner department, but he's learned to bypass the Chinese instructions and just follow the picture on the box). Gabe has been working non-stop and after 15+ days straight of 4 am- 7 pm days, the last thing he wants to tackle in his one-hour-at-home-awake-time is a project of any kind! Gotta love that my Dad "gets" this and helps me in any way I need, anytime.
Two notes. My sister has already told me to change out the "creepy" baby pictures that aren't Macy on the frame... I'll do that pronto, Kates, I promise! Also, the $5.00... Gabe and my Dad have a standing joke ever since Dad gave Macy her purse with a dollar in it. Every time we come home from my parents and Gabe talks to my Dad, he'll ask why he didn't give Macy a dollar...? Earlier this week Dad pinned a dollar bill onto Macy and Gabe thought it was the funniest thing. He called and said the jokes over, he's embarrassed, Dad doesn't need to give our child money. So, of course, Dad left a 5 dollar bill today. :)

*Tanya, do you see the basket that I LOVE that I've been waiting to display? So cute!


  1. I see the basket and love it! Love the new shelf system too!! We have the same thing, but it has 9 spaces, for the girls in their room. It's a great system to have and I love that they have the different color boxes to put in them. You will have to check it out next time you are over.

  2. So far, ours has proven to be Silves-Boy-Indestructible, so it gets our vote for longevity too! :-)

    And seriously, the next time you need ANYTHING assembled, PLEASE let me do it! It's like therapy to me. I've assembled furniture, cabinets, and gazillions of toys, it never is anything less than a BLAST for me!

    Okay, now you know the depth to which I am disturbed.

  3. Adorable room!! I definitely need to come for an update peek. Nathan would love a visit - seriously - anytime - just call ahead and we'll have a latte' ready!! :-)