Thursday, May 27, 2010

Macy and Bailey

Gabe's Dad and Step-Mom have a dog named Bailey. She is like a child to them and Macy met her for the first time a week ago when Ellie was in Utah visiting her sister and Gabe was at work. I am so annoyed I didn't have my camera or flip cam to get the moment Macy met Bailey. It was the cutest thing ever! Bailey was on her best behavior and so interested in Macy she couldn't stand herself. I put Macy on her belly on the floor so Gary could see her roll over... Macy rolled over, then Bailey rolled over!!!! Ever time Bailey would come close enough for Macy to reach out and touch her, Macy would reach her hands out and laugh! Out-loud! The cutest thing.

Ellie was so bummed to miss, we had to re-enact the whole event! Not quite as cute, but pretty darn close. :)
I got a darling video I'm going to try and upload, if I can't get it on here, check facebook!

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