Sunday, May 9, 2010

My First Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there! I had a FABULOUS day today, and loved every minute of it. Macy slept till 6:30 AM, which was lovely, and I got some pictures of her in her Sunday dress with her GORGEOUS new sweater from Gabe's step-mom Ellie (and his Dad, Gary, :) with the tulips from Heather that arrived for me last night, and the roses I got myself last night. Little did I know Gabe had already got me a gift certificate for "the works" at the Chrysalis Spa. WHAT A WONDERFUL HUSBAND I HAVE! He also wrote me a card that I'm going to keep for my scrapbook of all the Mother's Days to come so I can look back and remember.

Have you seen that Hallmark commercial when the Mom opens her memory box and looks at all the cards her daughter has given her over the years? I love that idea! I'm going to start a scrapbook of a picture of Macy and I each Mother's Day and save whatever thing she gives me, or a picture of it. Even those funny little crafts... I am getting it started with this picture!

Macy's new trick. Sucking fingers palm up... harder than it looks!
So after our little photo op and church, we headed to my Mom's to help finish the turkey dinner Katie and I were making with a lot of help from mom! My grandparents came to join us and Craig and Sharon since their kids are in Wenatchee. 9 adults and Macy makes for a very fun Sunday dinner! Grandma VK hadn't seen Macy since Easter and got some hold time today. She told me she found my blog and has been reading so I wanted to post all of these adorable pictures I got of her...

Today made me miss my Grandpa Dale Van Kooten. He passed away almost 4 years ago, 2 months before Gabe and my wedding. He would have adored Macy Megan. My Grandpa Dale had a very special way with little girls and it makes me sad to think he didn't get a chance to meet my daughter and see how incredible she is. He was a wonderful man that I loved very much and miss more than I can say.

Grandma, I hope you know what a special and beautiful lady you are. Just looking at these pictures shows me how sweet your heart is and I'm so thankful we still have you in our lives! Macy loves you and so do I!
My Dad with his Mom. :)
Love this picture. Please excuse Macy's drool/spit-up on my shoulder. Doesn't phase me a bit. I'm a true Mother!
4 generations on the VK side!
My Grammy (Macy's "GG"), Mom (Macy's "Mimi"), me and Macy! 4 generations on the Shea side!

Dinner was a hit! Turkey, mashed taters and gravy, stuffing, rolls, brocoli salad, snicker salad & green beans! Yum!

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