Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sunday, Day 3 in Wenatchee

Ok, Sunday was Sharon's birthday and there are so many quotes and funny things to remember. First of all, she declared everything about this weekend...PERFECT! It became a joke, but really, everything couldn't have been better from the start to the finish. Except we really missed my Mom. Usually she would have been there too, but she hurt her back last week and a 4 hour car ride and weekend helping shlup babies wouldn't have been great for healing. We missed her terribly, but everything else really was...PERFECT! :) This pic was at the end of the night, but had to come first because Sharon summed up the whole day.
We all went to church in the morning! I have never seen such a production!!!! Up at 6 AM to leave the house by 8:20 AM. The girls (and Macy) had to be up, fed, changed, dressed, hair done, loaded in their car seats... It takes a village!!!! Sharon wanted all the girls (Heidi, Katie, Molly, Macy, Sharon, Annie, Abbie, Ellie) to ride in the Suburban and Heidi said we wouldn't fit. Sharon insisted we would, and WITH her coffee. No one believed it, but she did it! :) I'm telling you, only Sharon could have fit in that spot. It's not even a spot! So funny! Here's the back view...
Front view...
Four grown ups, four babies in car seats= suburban at full capacity!!!!
Abbie was the most intrigued by Macy. Every time she saw me all weekend, with or without Macy, she would look and me and say, "Baby!" Sooo adorable! All the triplets loved Macy, but Abbie by far the most. She looked at her the whole car ride!

I must make a side note here to say how incredible Andy and Heidi's church is! They had a Nursing Mothers Only Room in the back with dark windows, soundproof, that you could watch the sermon and there were speakers piping in the sound. The coolest thing I've ever seen! I met a great gal in there named Rebecca who had a daughter named Elise who was only 1 day older than Macy and the exact same size!
So after church we headed home to feed all the kiddos and put them down for naps, left Andy in charge of the girls, KC in charge of Luke, took Macy with us for the rest of Sharon's PERFECT day. Next stop? The best lunch I've had out in a long time. McGills I think it was called. We all had veggie soup, bear bread, and salad and it was delicious! Peanut butter pie and a sundae to share for dessert (...yeah, I was a little off the WW train this weekend) and had great conversation. Next, Sharon wanted to stop by a craft show and we all agreed to go.
I have decided (along with Katie and I think Heidi too) that craft shows are a big waste of time. They used to be fun, and you could always find something you want. Now? Best thing I've seen is the occasional scone for $7.00 a pop or something! No thanks! We were joking about this, and then I walk into a booth with stuff I loved! I actually bought this "Home" sign in brown and love it! Heidi had to get a picture of me actually finding something to buy at a craft show! Thanks Sharon! It was the PERFECT buy!
Macy's first craft show!
So as I'm looking at this picture, I almost wish I would have bought this hat! It was darling! I think the booth was seattlehats.com or something. They had adorable stuff, but I think this hat was $35.00 or something ridiculous. We're going into summer and Macy has several adorable hats already...but isn't it cute?
So after the PERFECT craft show, it was off to the nail salon! Sharon and I got pedicures...
Katie got acrylics... and Heidi watched Macy! So sweet of her!

Next up? Dinner and presents! Heidi and Andy made a feast! Tri-tip, baked potatoes, garlic bread, cantaloupe, & green salad. YUM!
Dessert (Birthday Cake) was Scotcharoos. KC was saying he loves these, but likes a little less chocolate. Heidi was saying she could just re-distribute the chocolate and I said, "Yeah! We could call them Just a Skiff Hump Ups!

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