Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Harps

We went to visit Harper Dae on her 4 month birthday and had to get some updated photos of the girls together. Holly and I were laughing so hard during this "shoot." Macy kept smiling right at the camera, and Harper was more interested in holding on to Macy! She kept grabbing at her and talking to her... Macy was just smiling straight ahead. :)

They were laying on the blanket my Mom made for Holly and Macy felt right at home! It's just like her ladybug and kitty one! What a great morning!

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  1. I have great memories of play dates when my kids were little! We were just talking about the good ol' days when Nathan was a baby and EVERY morning I met my girlfriend in our strollers and we would walk in Lynden! Can't believe I use to have time for this!!