Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Some more Wenatchee pics

We had to capture Macy's first sink bath at Heidi's! Look at that face!
We stuck to our new routine and Heidi took some great shots of Macy eating!

All the triplets watching the parade! Justine holding Abbie, Patti holding Annie (wearing MACY'S PANTS!!!! She is TINY!), and Debbie holding Ellie.
Here's sweet Jake, Andy's oldest son holding Macy. She loved him! Jake is a major kid person and loves babies. He works at Costco in Wenatchee but we all think he should be doing something with kids. He has a serious gift!

My awesome sister! Katie was so much help. Not only with Luke and the triplets, but with Macy. It is sooo nice to know Katie "has" her and she is safe and in wonderful hands that adore her when I'm not around. Thank you Auntie Kate for all your help! Too bad we didn't get the car rides over and back to chat!

The girls at lunch on the PERFECT day for Sharon.

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