Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Saturday, Day 2 in Wenatchee

Saturday was the Apple Blossom Parade! This was my 2nd year attending, and I want to make it a tradition! Last year, my wonderful friend Heather came with me, the triplets were teeny tiny and I was 5 weeks pregnant! So much has changed in a year! This picture just makes me stop in my tracks and realize... I HAVE A DAUGHTER! I know I do, of course, but it's so natural and wonderful that I'm an actual parent, sometimes I just marvel about it.

Apple Blossom 2010 was great! Heidi's friends Patti and Debbie were there to help wrangle triplets, along with Heidi, Andy, Jake, Justine (Debbie's niece), Luke, Sharon, me and then a whole street full of Andy's side of the family. The wind was going, but it was sunny and FUN! An awesome tradition that just gets more and more fun. The girls were totally into it this year, and Luke!
Macy watching the parade!
Heidi and Abbie

Annie Jane. I gotta tell you Andy's latest name for this little sweetheart. "Thumpy, Dumpy, Doodie, my girl Bill." Seriously. You have to know Andy to really get it, but it's catchy! The best is when you call, "Annie, Annie..." Nothing. Then..."Doodie! Doodie!" and she crawls over as fast as she can! So cute!

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