Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Randomly, Gabe planned to take Dad and Mom out to Mexican food today and none of us realized it until we got there, but it's Cinco De Mayo! Katie came too, and we had an awesome dinner.

Dad NEVER gets anything but water when he goes out to eat. I think it's because of a budget book my Mom read once, that said you can save thousands of dollars over a lifetime if you only order water, so in my family, pop is a HUGE splurge. Gabe has been working his tail off on overtime and gets meal "chits" every time he works an extra day that some restaurants honor as gift cards. He has so many Dad asked him if he was allowed to get a drink. :) Here's Dad with a Sprite and Gabe with his Root Beer.
The waitress brought Dad and Gabe necklaces that lit up with Corona signs. :)

We had to add the blinking Corona to Macy's toys- she wouldn't stop staring at it!
Gotta love my family! Thanks for such a fun evening everybody!!!

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