Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Friday, Day 1 in Wenatchee

Katie and I wanted to take a trip to Wenatchee this last weekend to see Heidi and the kids and for a little get-away and when we were telling Sharon about it, she wanted to come, too! Sharon's birthday is May 2, and although the nursery is always in full swing, there was no place she would rather be than with Heidi and her other kids and grandkids on her birthday. We decided to surprise Heidi and not tell her Sharon was coming with.

Turned out to be a good choice since Katie got a last minute job at WWU singing Friday night, so Sharon and I headed over with Macy on Friday and Katie came Saturday.

First of all, Macy was an absolute cherub the whole way over!!! We stopped in Sultan at The Sultan Bakery (BEST place ever to eat and the perfect halfway point to Wenatchee) for breakfast and I fed Macy. She didn't cry at all until Grant Road, the last ONE minute of our trip. :) Hooray!

So we got to Heidi's at about 12:30. The triplets were down for naps, so we got some time with Luke. He is really into all super heros right now. We're talking he's making them up! Sharon gave him a Spiderman costume and he was in love with it the rest of the weekend. The triplets each got a swimsuit that floats. We had to try them all on for a photo shoot and put Macy into hers too!

Friday night was pretty laid back. Andy and Heidi took Luke to the Classy Chassy Parade and Sharon and I held down the fort with the 4 remaining baby girls. :) It went great and it was early to bed for everyone.

This is Luke as "Underdog". He explained it as a superhero that can fly. He made this up all on his own this week and it just cracked me up seeing it. 4 year olds are SO FUNNY!

All the girls in their bathing suits! Annie, Ellie, Macy, Abbie. Not one smile, but all 8 eyes!!!
My precious baby girl. Miss Mellow I need to start calling her. So easy!
I posted this video in case anyone needs a laugh...

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