Monday, May 17, 2010

A visiting Monday

Macy's GG stopped by today with Grandpa Boyd for a visit! The timing was perfect. I had woken up with a weird voice/throat/cold thing and Macy and I both took naps together this morning, which was lovely, and I felt back to myself when I woke up. It might have been allergies, who knows?
My Grammy is a baby person. She gets a kick out of Macy, since she smiles easy and Grammy says that's just how I was when I was a baby. :) It makes me so happy that Macy recognizes her Great-Grandparents. (Ok, maybe not totally, but she smiles at them!) I never knew mine, and it's a wonderful thing that she will.
Here is our little angel showing off with her toys for Great-Grandpa and GG.

Grandpa Boyd is NOT a baby person. He usually doesn't hold them, or talk to them much, but for some reason, Macy ADORES him. Ever since she was only a few weeks old, if he says, "Well, hey there baby..." She grins all over herself. It's the sweetest thing. She likes nearly every man, but there's something special about Grandpa Boyd.
Love how she makes the same face he does. If he would have smiled, I bet she would have too. Precious.

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