Friday, May 28, 2010

Heather's in town!

My best friend Heather is in town this weekend for her birthday. We had such a great day celebrating a day early! I took her downtown Fairhaven to a super fun place called "Creativitea" to paint pottery. Somehow, I was having too good a time to remember to take pictures. I'll have to get the final product when I pick them up next week. SO fun. It was like therapy. We both did bread/cracker-cheese plates and I used lace for a pattern, Heather stenciled an iris.

Then we smuggled lunch into a theater and I saw a movie for the first time in over 6 months! So fun!

Mom had Macy this whole time, which was lovely, and we picked her up and headed to Heather's parent's house for dinner. Steve had made a delicious dinner (steak, baked potatoes, green salad and a cake!) This always impresses me when men cook :) Macy, being the angel she is, had a nice nap right on the floor during dinner. Steve made this cake, people, and even picked out the flowers! Vicki is in CA taking care of her Mom and we missed her terribly. Thanks again, Steve for the wonderful meal, and Heather for being my friend and making it such a special day!!!

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